General Education

The General Education combines three developmental domains:

a)     Foundation (3 credit points)

The Foundation Course aims to engage students as active thinkers who strive to make connections between the various domains of knowledge and their own lives. It introduces students to a selection of the great thinkers, schools of thought, and key ideas that underlie inquiry in and across key disciplines and knowledge traditions.

b)     Breadth (12 credit points)

The Breadth domain consists of three disciplinary strands: (i) Persons, Interpretations, Perspectives; (ii) Community, Society, Culture; and (iii) Nature, Science, Technology. It aims to extend the inter-disciplinary and integrated focus of the Foundation Course, by requiring students to take at least one course from each of the above strands.

c)     Consolidation (3 credit points)

The Consolidation Course provides an opportunity for students to reflect critically on their undergraduate experience, and develop an integrated view of how and where they see themselves in relation to their future goals, plans, and aspirations. The major item for assessment is an integrated e-portfolio.