Assessment and Intervention for Speech, Language, Communication and Learning

The course will equip participants with knowledge and skills in planning and execution of assessment and intervention for individuals with different speech, language, communication, swallowing disorders, and learning disabilities. Participants will be able to develop intervention and teaching plans based on critical evaluation of literature; and to make responsible decisions about assessment and treatment options based on critical appraisal of current practice and evidence. Topics will include standardised and non-standardised assessment procedures and principles; cultural and linguistic issues in assessment; development of assessment protocols; principles of differential diagnosis; general principles of intervention; selection, sequencing, evaluation, and termination of intervention goals, behavior modification, teaching and scaffolding strategies; data sampling and collection; service delivery models and collaborative partnership in educational settings; individual and group therapy techniques; individualised education and family service plans; response to intervention, treatment efficacy and evidence-based practice; report writing and professional correspondence.