Educational and Developmental Psychology

Specialist Courses Description Compulsory/ Elective
Cognitive Learning Theories A thorough understanding of the learning process is essential for effective teaching. This course will provide an overview of contemporary cognitive learning theories in order to provide educators with the evidence-base to stimulate, enhance, and maintain effective learning in students. Elective
Issues in Development in School Contexts This course provides students with the opportunity to study critical issues in development in school contexts. Drawing upon relevant psychological theories and empirical studies covered in Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence: Personal, Social, Emotional, & Moral Development, students will be given the opportunity to identify and study specific issues in development.  Compulsory
Motivation and Self-regulated Learning: Theory and Practice This course provides an in-depth study of theory and research on student motivation and the promotion of active, strategic, independent, self-directed or self-regulated learning. The module focuses on selected theories of motivation and self-regulation that have strong implications for teaching and learning. Compulsory
Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence: Personal, Social, Emotional and Moral Development This course will provide a broad overview of childhood and adolescent psychological development and it will cover major developmental theories with particular emphasis on personal, social, emotional, and moral development. On top of that, it will further present the opportunity for students to test theory into practice through engagement in the analysis of developmental issues in school context. Compulsory

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