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FEHD's Noel Tang uses therapy dogs to help kids with SEN


FEHD's Noel Tang, now a speech therapist, trains therapy dogs to help children with special educational needs.

Former FEHD student Noel Tang has established in her dissertation an evidence-based practice in the use of therapy dogs to complement speech and language intervention for pre-school children with autism spectrum disorder. Graduated from the Master of Science in Educational Speech-Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities, Noel has become the first speech therapist in Hong Kong who uses therapy dogs to complement conventional speech therapy in the treatment of children with SEN. Being a dog trainer for the last 12 years who has rehabilitated more than a hundred pet dogs, Noel runs her own programme entitled “Doggies Do Rite” in RTHK. Through which, Noel and her guests unveil how to train a pet dog and turn the potential ones into therapy dogs.

As Noel’s journey illustrates, FEHD promotes work that changes lives. With our alumni, we are taking special education to the NEXT LEVEL.