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How to help children concentrate when learning online


Hong Kong school classes will be held online at the start of this academic year. But we all know that getting children to sit still long enough to attend their classes in front of a screen can be a challenge, let alone those with attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  

Children with ADHD find it especially difficult to concentrate on tasks and pay attention. They are more distractible, impulsive, or hyperactive than they should be for their age. 

Dr Kean Poon, Associate Head of the Department of Special Education & Counselling, shares with parents five tips for helping their children to stay focused in an online learning environment. 

  • Set goals together with your children and consider their attention span 
  • Develop organisational and regular work habits 
  • Use notes or pictures to remind your children to complete certain tasks 
  • Use devices and equipment which are suitable such as larger monitors, over-ear headphones, chairs without wheels etc.
  • Make reward and punishment exciting with games 

FEHD also provide a resource pack for parents to put the tips into practice. To download the pack, please click here