Multi-cultural Campus

Multi-Cultural Campus


Hong Kong is a multi-cultural society, with different ethnic minorities, including Indonesians, Filipinos, British, Indians, Pakistanis, Nepalis, Japanese and Thais, taking Hong Kong as their home and some taking roots in Hong Kong for generations. All ethnic groups have unique characteristics and cultures. Mutual respect, knowing each other and understanding of relevant issues are important for cultural exchange and ethnic integration. Therefore, the University has set up this page to enhance a multi-cultural and inclusive campus.


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Note: Non-local students are requested to check the website of the Immigration Department (HKSAR) about the regulation of on-campus and off-campus employment policies.


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Equal Opportunities Policy

The University is committed to equal opportunities in academic pursuit and employment, and to eliminating discrimination or harassment against staff, students, and other persons who have dealings with the University.  Everyone, irrespective of their gender, pregnancy, marital / family status, breastfeeding, disability, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, political / other opinion, national/social origin, etc. has the right to be respected and be treated fairly.  The University has zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment, and may refer the case to law enforcement agency (such as the police) where appropriate.  Any staff member or student who is found to have contravened the Equal Opportunities Policy is liable to disciplinary action (including dismissal for staff and expulsion for students).

Webpage:  Equal Opportunities Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy)

                        Equal Opportunities Campus (For EdUHK staff and students only)


Equal Opportunities and Disability Access Officer


Phone: (+852) 2948 6012


Race Discrimination Ordinance

To ensure racial integration, the Policy adopts the definitions of unlawful acts under the Race Discrimination Ordinance, including direct racial discrimination, indirect racial discrimination, racial harassment, racial vilification and discrimination by way of victimization.


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