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Mr Chong Yiu Kwong on Primary School teacher's complaint


Apple Daily reported that a teacher from Po Kok Primary School was arrested by the police on 15 July for participating in anti-extradition bill protests. A court hearing will be held in mid-August. The teacher said that on 22 and 23 July, the school demanded him to copy a letter of resignation on his own accord on 14 July, the day before his arrest.

The teacher has lodged a complaint to the EDB.

Mr Chong Yiu Kwong, a solictor and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Education Policy and Leadership, was quoted as saying that the letter of resignation should be reviewed by the school’ incorporated management committee. The school could be found guilty of using false instrument in case it knew the date of resignation is made up, but still demanded the teacher to copy it, he added.

For more details, please see the Chinese news here.

(Excerpt from EdUHK media summary)