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The Estates Office
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Cho Kwai Chee Foundation Building,
10 Lo Ping Road,
Tai Po, New Territories
Hong Kong
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- New arrangement for Organizing On-campus Activities effective 29 April 2022

- Latest “Vaccine Pass” Arrangement for Campus Entry

- Revised Policy on Management of Exhibited Materials

- House Rules for On-campus Staff Accommodation

- Regulations for Campus Visitors

- Enhanced Access Control Measures

- CCTV System Guidelines



New arrangement for Organizing On-campus Activities
effective 29 April 2022
*updated at Sept 2022

Please note that the new arrangements for organizing on-campus activities, either teaching or non-teaching, will come into effect from 29 April 2022. Kindly refer to the attachments for the details.

Estates Office
Apr 2022

Attachments: New Arrangements for Organizing On Campus Activities *updated at Sept 2022
COVID-19_Guidelines for Teaching Activities *updated at Sept2022
Recommended Seating Capacity of Teaching Venues (TPC) *updated at May 2022
EO90_Application for On-campus Activities
EO81_Health Declaration Form *updated at Sept 2022

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Latest “Vaccine Pass” Arrangement for Campus Entry

In order to safeguard the health and safety of the EDUHK community, the latest “Vaccine Pass” arrangement of the University with details listed below for your kind attention.

COVID-19 Vaccination / Testing

Starting from 31 March 2022 (Thursday), ALL Regular Campus Users* must have received at least TWO doses of recognized COVID-19 Vaccine in order to enter the Campus areas. In addition, THREE doses of recognized COVID-19 Vaccine must have been received with effect from 31 May 2022 (Tuesday). There will be a grace period for those who have received two doses within six months, but they are required to take the third dose within six months after receiving the second dose. For people who have recovered from COVID-19 infection, please refer to the latest announcement by the Government for the vaccination implementation arrangement.

Any Unvaccinated user is required to produce a valid medical certificate as proof of being unfit for vaccination as well as a negative COVID-19 test result produced within 3 days prior to the day of entry.

All Staff Members and Students are required to submit their vaccination, testing records and/or infection information via the online COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Record System ( For details and procedures, please visit the “Emergency Task Force Corner” on “The Portal” (

Use of “Leave Home Safe” App

ALL invited visitors entering the campus areas must USE the “Leave Home Safe” Mobile App and PRESENT the scanned QR code for entry i.e. a blue QR code WITH either Electronic Vaccination Record/ Exemption Certificate for inspection at the entry. NO entry to the campus will be allowed shall the person fail to present the confirmed QR code for inspection. The “Leave Home Safe” mobile app should be the updated version. You may visit the website ( for details.

Your understanding and full co-operation would be much appreciated.

For enquiries, please contact us at 2948 6714 or the Security Control Centre at 2948 8000 (24 hours).

Estates Office

* Regular Campus Users (children under the age of 12 are exempted) include:

  • Full-time students;
  • Part-time students (including course participants);
  • Full-time staff members;
  • Part-time/ Half-time staff members and persons engaged under contract for services (including guest speakers, coaches, instructors, external trainers/ tutors);
  • Residents on campus, i.e. family members and domestic helpers of staff members living on campus; and
  • Contractors and other persons, including visitors to staff quarters/ campus, with a stay of two hours or more per day.

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Revised Policy on Management of Exhibited Materials

Dear Staff and Students,

You are duly informed that there is a policy on Management of Exhibited Materials which was first approved by the Estates Development and Management Committee (EDMC) in December 2013 with an aim to set out the management principles and procedures for exhibited materials on the University Campus to be followed by all units of the University. There has been no revision since its first issuance.

In order to keep it in pace with the changing environment, the policy has been updated and  approved by EDMC in August 2021.  Attached please find the Revised Policy on Management of Exhibited Materials for your information.

Kindly observe and follow the policy whenever you need to handle exhibited materials.

Thank you for your attention.

Estates Office
16 Aug 2021

Attachments: Revised Policy on Management of Exhibited Materials 2021


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House Rules for On-campus Staff Accommodation

Dear Staff,

We enclose the revised version of the House Rules for On-campus Staff Accommodation for your attention/reference. Staff residents and occupants are requested to comply with the regulations stipulated.

You may wish to contact us at 2948 8822 for enquiry. 

Estates Office
08 June 2020

Attachments: House Rules for Staff Residents
(for staff only)


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Regulations for Campus Visitors

With effect from 11 pm on 6 December 2019 (Friday), the University campus will be open to invited visitors only from 8 am to 11 pm daily. Unless authorised by the University, campus visitors may not enter any restricted area, including academic and administration buildings, the library, student hostels, the staff residence or any sports facilities, during the opening hours. Details of the Regulations for your reference.

For enquiries, please call the 24-hour security hotline: 2948 8000.

Vice President (Administration)
4 December 2019

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Enhanced Access Control Measures

In view of growing concern about campus security, the University will enhance access control measures, effective to ensure the safety of our University members, staring from the midnight (i.e., at 00:00) of 21 November 2019.

For colleagues and students, please present your EdUHK cards at the entrance for identity verification. Campus users, contractors and visitors will be required to be registered before entering the campus. A counter will be set up for identity checking and registration. We should be grateful if you would help disseminate the message to those who may be affected by the new measures.

As always, staff and student safety is our top priority. Additional security personnel have been deployed to step up patrol of the campus. In case of emergency, please call the 24-hour security hotline: 2948 8000.

Vice President (Administration)
20 November 2019

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CCTV System Guidelines

Estates Office, the Education University of Hong Kong

1. The University Campus is under 24 hours CCTV surveillance. The data or videos captured by the CCTV system may be used for one or more of the following purposes:

a. Safety, Security and Operational needs &
b. Monitoring the Campus premises to assist enforcing the University regulations.

2. The data/recorded videos held by the CCTV system may be provided by the Estates Office to the management and/ or other offices of the University for the purposes set out in paragraph 1.

3. The CCTV system is operated by relevant duty staff member(s). The live view of the CCTV cameras will be accessed by the duty Staff and/ or Security Supervisors.

4. Access to the data or recorded videos captured by the CCTV system requires prior approval from the Director of Estates or his delegate(s).

5. The recorded videos will be kept for up to 1 month.

6. No third party viewing or reproduction of recorded video or data captured by the CCTV system is allowed except with prior approval of the Director of Estates, or as requested by a law enforcement agency. Proper record of such will be kept by the Estates Office.

7. Inquiries relating to the operation of the CCTV system should be sent to

8. The University reserves the right to review and amend these guidelines at a regular interval and the latest version of the same shall be posted up at a prominent place of the University.

Estates Office
15 September 2017

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