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The Estates Office
Room 01,2/F,
Cho Kwai Chee Foundation Building,
10 Lo Ping Road,
Tai Po, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 2948 6714
Fax: 2948 6121
Email: webmaster.eo@eduhk.hk
Emergency No: 2948 8000





New arrangement for Organizing On-campus Activities
effective 14 January 2022

In connection with the latest announcement on “Emergency Task Force Update (29) - Tightening Anti-pandemic Measures” issued by Emergency Task Force on 6 Jan 2022, please note that the new arrangements for organizing on-campus activities, either teaching or non-teaching, will come into effect from 14 January 2022. Kindly refer to the attachments for the details.

Estates Office
Jan 2022

Attachments: New Arrangements for Organizing On Campus Activities
COVID-19_Guidelines for Teaching Activities
Recommended Seating Capacity of Teaching Venues (TPC)
EO90_Application for On-campus Activities
EO81_Health Declaration Form
*updated at Jan 2022



Guidelines for Hybrid-mode / Face-to-Face Teaching and
Learning Activities for Semester 1 of 2021/2022

Dear Staff and Students,

In preparation for the commencement of the new semester in September, we have prepared the updated COVID-19 Guidelines for teaching and learning activities and the Health Declaration Form for your attention and reference. Please note that the Guidelines and the Health Declaration Form shall be updated from time to time in accordance with the developments of the pandemic and latest directives/guidelines from the government.

Should there be any enquiries regarding the guidelines, please feel free to contact us at 2948 6714 or the Security Control Centre at 2948 8000 (for non-office hours).

EO will keep monitoring the situation with appropriate updates made in due course. Should there be any enquiries regarding the guidelines, please feel free to contact us at 2948 6714 or the Security Control Centre at 2948 8000 (for non-office hours).

Estates Office
July 2021

Attachments: Guidelines for F2F Teaching Activities *updated at July 2021
Health Declaration Form *updated at Nov 2021



House Rules for On-campus Staff Accommodation

Dear Staff,

We enclose the revised version of the House Rules for On-campus Staff Accommodation for your attention/reference. Staff residents and occupants are requested to comply with the regulations stipulated.

You may wish to contact us at 2948 8822 for enquiry. 

Estates Office
22 Oct 2021

Attachments: House Rules for Staff Residents
(for staff only)



Revised Policy on Management of Exhibited Materials

Dear Staff and Students,

You are duly informed that there is a policy on Management of Exhibited Materials which was first approved by the Estates Development and Management Committee (EDMC) in December 2013 with an aim to set out the management principles and procedures for exhibited materials on the University Campus to be followed by all units of the University. There has been no revision since its first issuance.

In order to keep it in pace with the changing environment, the policy has been updated and  approved by EDMC in August 2021.  Attached please find the Revised Policy on Management of Exhibited Materials for your information.

Kindly observe and follow the policy whenever you need to handle exhibited materials.

Thank you for your attention.

Estates Office
16 Aug 2021

Attachments: Revised Policy on Management of Exhibited Materials 2021


Recommended Seating Capacity for General Teaching Rooms on EdUHK Campuses (Update July 2021)

Please find below our recommended seating capacities for the teaching venues on Tai Po Campus, Tseung Kwan O Study Centre and Kowloon Tong Satellite Study Centre under 1m social distancing. The recommendation is for reference and indication only, which could be adjusted with reference to the prevailing guidelines, standard or legislation released by the Government from time to time.

Course instructors are highly recommended to consider hybrid classes, split classes and other alternative teaching modes to minimize any risk of infection as the condtion of the pandemic is still volatile.

Should you need further assistance, please feel free to email to eo@eduhk.hk.

Estates Office
July 2021

Recommended Seating Capacity for General Teaching Rooms on Tai Po Campus

Tai Po Campus Classrooms Seating Capacity *updated at July 2021
Lecture Theatre Seating Capacity *updated at July 2021
Recommended Seating Capacity for General Teaching Rooms in Tseung Kwan O Study Centre

Tseung Kwan O Study Centre Classrooms Seating Capacity *updated at July 2021
Recommended Seating Capacity for Classrooms in Kowloon Tong Satellite Study Centre

Kowloon Tong Satellite Study Centre Classrooms Seating Capacity *updated at July 2021
* Subject to the actual arrangement of Kowloon True Light School



Closure of Sports Venue and BBQ Pit

Dear Students & Colleagues,

In view of the persistent deteriorating COVID-19 crisis and the need to enhance the corresponding contingency measures, please be informed that ALL sports facilities in Tai Po Campus, EdUHK Sports Centre (PSK) and BBQ pit will be temporarily closed until further notice with IMMEDIATE effect. Changing rooms and showering facilities at all venues will also be closed to reduce human contact and thus the risks of the spread of virus. In addition, no counter service or loan of equipment will be provided for the time being and all booking system/applications for the sports facilities, both fee-charging and non-fee-charging, are suspended until further notice as well.

Meanwhile, to reduce the risk of infection further, all users are advised not to access our open courts to minimize unnecessary social contact.

EO will continue to monitor the situation closely and review the arrangements in a timely manner. For enquiries, please contact our service counter at 2948 8844.

Estates Office
16 July 2020



Results of the Annual User Survey on Estates Office Services 2019

The Estates Office conducts a yearly survey to collect feedback from users on the key services provided. During the period of 6 - 24 January 2020, two separate online questionnaires were made available to staff and students respectively for gathering their views on the Office's performance in the year of 2019. A total of 159 valid responses were received (92 from staff and 67 from students).

In general, 94.20% of staff find our services "Acceptable", "Satisfied" and "Very Satisfied" while the figure for student respondents is 86.10%.

For details of the survey results, please refer to the following hyperlinks:

Staff: http://www.eduhk.hk/eo/staff_and_students/staff_2019.htm
Students: http://www.eduhk.hk/eo/staff_and_students/student_2019.htm



Regulations for Campus Visitors

With effect from 11 pm on 6 December 2019 (Friday), the University campus will be open to invited visitors only from 8 am to 11 pm daily. Unless authorised by the University, campus visitors may not enter any restricted area, including academic and administration buildings, the library, student hostels, the staff residence or any sports facilities, during the opening hours. Details of the Regulations for your reference.

For enquiries, please call the 24-hour security hotline: 2948 8000.

Vice President (Administration)
4 December 2019



Enhanced Access Control Measures

In view of growing concern about campus security, the University will enhance access control measures, effective to ensure the safety of our University members, staring from the midnight (i.e., at 00:00) of 21 November 2019.

For colleagues and students, please present your EdUHK cards at the entrance for identity verification. Campus users, contractors and visitors will be required to be registered before entering the campus. A counter will be set up for identity checking and registration. We should be grateful if you would help disseminate the message to those who may be affected by the new measures.

As always, staff and student safety is our top priority. Additional security personnel have been deployed to step up patrol of the campus. In case of emergency, please call the 24-hour security hotline: 2948 8000.

Vice President (Administration)
20 November 2019



Introduction of Hourly-Parking for Students

Dear Students,

Please find below the hourly parking arrangement for students for your reference (effective from 1 October 2018):

Eligible users


Students with valid student cards (full-time/part-time)

Opening hours


5:00 pm - 12:00 midnight (Mondays through Fridays, except public holidays)
7:00 am - 12:00 midnight (Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays)

Carpark capacity


30 carparking spaces (on first-come-first-served basis)

Carpark location


LG3, Cho Kwai Chee Foundation (CKCF) Building

Payment method


Octopus ONLY
(Cash and other payment methods will not be accepted)

Payment location


  1. at the carpark exit gate; or
  2. Security Control Centre

      (Room 04, G/F of Cho Kwai Chee Foundation Building)

Fees schedules


HKD 5 for 30 min. / HKD 10 for 1 hour (for the first 4 hours)
HKD 10 for 30 min. / HKD 20 for 1 hour (for the 5th to 8th hour)
HKD 30 for 30 min. / HKD 60 for 1 hr. (from the 9th hour and onwards)
*Parking time less than 30 minutes will be calculated as 30 minutes

Illustration: if a person enters the carpark at 6:00 pm and leaves at 11:30 pm, the fees payable for the total 5.5 hours hourly parking = 4 x HKD 10 (fees for the first 4 hours) + 1.5 x HKD 20 (fees from the 5th hour) = HKD 70.

General Procedures:



Obtain a temporary carpark label from the main gate when entering the campus.



Tap Octopus card on the card reader at the entrance gate of the carpark.



Tap Octopus card on the card reader of the exit gate or on the card reader located at the Security Control Centre before leaving the carpark.



Return the temporary carpark label to the main gate when leaving the campus.

Important Notes:



NO OVERNIGHT PARKING is allowed on campus except for designated users. All students making use of hourly parking should drive their vehicles away before 12:00 midnight every day, otherwise an administration fee of $320 may be imposed without prior notice.



No entry to the campus carparks will be accepted after 12:00 midnight.



Payments have to be made by Octopus ONLY and NO value adding service will be provided.  Students are strongly advised to ensure their Octopus cards have sufficient value or automatic value adding function.

The implementation of the hourly parking will be reviewed from time to time and the arrangements might be amended at any time without prior notice.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our Security Control Centre by calling the 24-hour hotline 2948 8000 or visiting in person at Room 03, G/F of CKCF Building.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Estates Office



Achievement of Performance Pledges of the Estates Office (2020/21)

The Estates Office has been promulgating a series of performance pledges on the provision of key services. Such indicators have helped us gauging the deliverance of services and enhancing the performance standard. An annual review on the attainment of performance in 2020/21 is now available at the following webpage.




CCTV System Guidelines

Estates Office, the Education University of Hong Kong

1. The University Campus is under 24 hours CCTV surveillance. The data or videos captured by the CCTV system may be used for one or more of the following purposes:

a. Safety, Security and Operational needs &
b. Monitoring the Campus premises to assist enforcing the University regulations.

2. The data/recorded videos held by the CCTV system may be provided by the Estates Office to the management and/ or other offices of the University for the purposes set out in paragraph 1.

3. The CCTV system is operated by relevant duty staff member(s). The live view of the CCTV cameras will be accessed by the duty Staff and/ or Security Supervisors.

4. Access to the data or recorded videos captured by the CCTV system requires prior approval from the Director of Estates or his delegate(s).

5. The recorded videos will be kept for up to 1 month.

6. No third party viewing or reproduction of recorded video or data captured by the CCTV system is allowed except with prior approval of the Director of Estates, or as requested by a law enforcement agency. Proper record of such will be kept by the Estates Office.

7. Inquiries relating to the operation of the CCTV system should be sent to wmeo@eduhk.hk.

8. The University reserves the right to review and amend these guidelines at a regular interval and the latest version of the same shall be posted up at a prominent place of the University.

Estates Office
15 September 2017



New Policies on Canvassing/Electioneering Activites and on Management of Exhibited Materials

Update: after a series of discussions and consultation, the said policies on Canvassing/Electioneering activities and on Management of Exhibited Materials have been approved by the Estates Development and Management Committee with immediate effect. The approved policies are attached.

Presently, canvassing/electioneering activities as well as display of posters on campus are dealt with by the policy on management of common areas as well as display of posters respectively.

In view of soaring student activities (including canvassing/electioneering activities) due to increasing student intakes, the current policies might not be able to satisfy the needs for canvassing/electioneering activities and display of posters for publicity purpose. In this connection, the Estates Office has been working with the Student Affairs Office and the Students Union in refining the relevant existing regulations/policies since early this year. Thanks to the efforts of the parties involved, the draft new policies for canvassing/electioneering activities and on Management of Poster Display have been drawn up and are ready for open consultation. After consultation, the relevant policies will be presented to the Management for approval and implementation.

Attached please find the relevant policies for consultation which will last until 4 October 2013 (Friday). You are welcome to send your views to eo@ied.edu.hk.

Shall you have urgent need for large-scale publicity, please contact our office to work out an agreeable arrangement.

Thank you for your attention.
Estates Office

Policy on Conducting Canvassing and Electioneering Activities - approved version.pdf
Policy on Management of Exhibited Materials and location *updated
Annex I - Individual Unit Poster Boards & General Poster Boards.pdf



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