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The Estates Office
Room 01,2/F,
Cho Kwai Chee Foundation Building,
10 Lo Ping Road,
Tai Po, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 2948 6714
Fax: 2948 6121
Email: webmaster.eo@eduhk.hk
Emergency No: 2948 8000


The EO is a multi-disciplinary unit.  It provides the following services:  

Campus Planning and Projects
- Campus and Infrastructure Planning
- Capital Development Projects
- Alteration, Addition and Improvement Works (University Grants Committee's Funding)
- Minor Improvement Works
- Cost Study, Planning and Control
- Contract Management
- Professional and Technical Advisory Services
Assets and Space Management
- Assets Management
- Space Management
- Hire of Office Space by Outsiders
- Booking of Non-departmental Meeting Rooms/Conference Centre
- Booking of Barbecue Pits
- Booking of Council Chamber
- Booking of Accommodation in The Arthur Samy Teacher Education and Academic Exchange Centre at the Northeast Normal University, Changchun
Repairs and Maintenace
- Planned Maintenance Works
- Routine Maintenance Works
- Ad hoc Repair and Maintenance Works
Systems Operation and Energy Management
- Operation of Various Plants and Equipment
- Management of Energy Consumption and Implementation of Energy-saving Measures
Estates Management
- Day-to-day Management of the University's Premises
- Allocation and Management of Quarters
- Management of Car Parks and Traffic Control
- 24-hour Security Service
- Management of Keys
- Furniture Moving ( iMoving )
- Furniture Borrowing ( iFurniture )
- Safety Management
- Health and Hygiene Services
- Environmental Management for Sustainability of the Campus
Event Management
- Provision of Logisitic Support before and during Events
- Display of Banners/Display Materials in Common Areas
Support Services
- Transport Service
- Postal Service
- Administrative Support Services
Sports Facilities
- Amenities & Sports Facilities
- General Information & User's Guidelines
- Facilities Charges
- EdUHK Sports Club
- Online booking for Sports Facilities
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