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Dr Choi Tae-hee Receives RGC’s Early Career Award

Dr CHOI, Tae-hee | Assistant Professor of the Department of Education Policy and Leader

Dr Choi Tae-hee, Assistant Professor of the Department of Education Policy and Leadership at The Education University of Hong Kong has recently won the Early Career Awards granted by the Research Grants Council in recognition of the exceptional quality of her research submitted to the Early Career Scheme (ECS) grant bid.


Her project, entitled “State-funded outsourcing of English language education: Does new education privatisation ensure “quality education for all” in Hong Kong secondary schools?” received over HK$700,000 in the latest ECS grant bid.


The project looks into outsourcing of English language education in publicly funded secondary schools in Hong Kong. Her preliminary findings show that Hong Kong is more rigorous than other governments in monitoring the public funds used in outsourcing, but there are areas of improvement in different levels of practice. Previous research shows that outsourcing of education is a global phenomenon which has the potential to improve the quality of education, but if not managed well, it may also create problems of quality and equity issues.


Applications for research project grants under the ECS are assessed by international experts, with applicants required to be full-time academic staff members within the first three years of employment at a University Grants Committee funded institution. This year, the ECS received 366 applications from all eight UGC-funded universities. Of the 155 funded projects, only 12 early-career scholars received the Early Career Awards.