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Dr James Lam Receives Natural Science Award from the Ministry of Education

Dr LAM, Chung-wah James | Assistant Professor, Department of Science and Environmental Studies

Dr James Lam Chung-wah, Assistant Professor at the Department of Science and Environmental Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong, won the Second-class Award in the Natural Science category in the Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards (Science and Technology) 2019. Presented by the Ministry of Education, this prestigious award recognises outstanding breakthroughs in scientific research and technological innovations nationwide.


Titled “Occurrence, Bioaccumulation, and Toxicities of Emerging Chemicals of Concern in Environmental Matrices”, Dr Lam’s award-winning project was jointly carried out by team members Professor Paul Lam and Dr Eva I H Loi from City University of Hong Kong, and Professor Zhou Bingsheng and Dr Chen Lianguo from the Institute of Hydrobiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Their research findings not only provide a better understanding of the contamination status and mechanism of emerging chemicals in the environment, but also help strengthen the risk-assessment process to respond to the environmental health and safety concerns of the community.