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The University has created networks of local kindergartens, primary and secondary schools which give our student teachers and academic staff access to authentic classroom settings. As at 2017, we have signed collaborative agreements with 14 major school sponsoring bodies representing 33% of the primary, secondary and special schools and 25% of the kindergartens in Hong Kong.


The relationship is two-way. The school staff support us in our mission to produce quality teachers who can take on a leadership role, and to ensure the quality of our student teachers during field experience.


Through our engagement with schools in consultancy, training, and projects and research, our programmes, departments, centres and academic staff help schools and teachers improve their skills, and try out innovative teaching to improve student learning.


A key player in this task is the School Partnership and Field Experience Office (SPFEO). It was established to improve the quality of field experience of our student teachers, streamline field experience activities, and enhance school partnership and mentoring activities.



School Partnership