Study Abroad

Bachelor of Education (Honours) (English Language)

The semester of study in an overseas university for all BEd(EL) students is a distinctive feature of the programme and one that many students record as the most memorable and important single part of their HKIEd degree.  It is compulsory for all students. In Year 3 Semester 1, students go abroad to study in an English-speaking country (most recently, Australia, the United Kingdom, USA or Canada).  Students complete a 15 week semester studying alongside local students in the university, earning credits towards their HKIEd degree.  They also spend 10 days attached to a local school.  Each student lives with a local family and learns about the local way of life by living it.  Many students stay behind and travel for a further week or two.  The experience of living and studying overseas improves their English proficiency and broadens their understanding of English speaking cultures.  Students grow in confidence and make friendships and connections that can last for many years.

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