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Dr FUNG, King Tat Daniel

Dr FUNG, King Tat Daniel

Assistant Professor

Journal Publications


  • Lo, Y.Y. & Fung, D. (2020). Assessment in CLIL: The interplay between cognitive and linguistic demands and their progression in secondary education. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 23(10), 1192-1210. More Details
  • Fung, D. & Macaro, E. (2019). Exploring the relationship between linguistic knowledge and strategy use in listening comprehension. Language Teaching ResearchMore Details
  • Tsang, A., Fung, D. & Yau, A.H.Y. (2019). Evaluating supplementary and mainstream ESL/EFL education: Learners’ views from secondary- and tertiary-level perspectives. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 62, 61-71. More Details
  • Tsang, M. & Fung, D. (2019). Beyond the spoon-feeding classroom: A Jesuit priest’s use of outings as holistic education. Education about Asia, 24(1), 22-27.
  • Hui, B. & Fung, D. (2016). To know is not to use: The gap between students’ productive vocabulary knowledge and their actual use in free writing. Educational Research Reports, 14(15), 81-103. More Details
  • Fung, D. (2016). Studies in second language acquisition of Chinese [Book Review]. System, 60, 143-145.
  • Fung, D. & Murphy, V.A. (2016). Cross linguistic influence in adult L2/L3 learners: The case of French on English morphosyntax. Global Science and Technology Forum: Journal on Education, 3(2), 6-15. More Details