The Education University of Hong Kong, formerly the Hong Kong Institute of Education, was among the first institutions to introduce a smartcard system on campus. The "EdU Card" or "教大通" (formerly named "IEdSmart Card" or "教院通") was introduced in December 2000 as a key component in IT Strategic Plan 1999-2004 to utilize fully I.T. capabilities to improve service quality and efficiency, and to promote 7x24 self-service. The smartcard system consists of industrial standard cards for members of the University (previously the Institute), smartcard readers, information systems and database. Applications includes, access control to offices, classrooms, hostels and car parks, attendance taking in assemblies, electronic payment, library services, etc. The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is responsible for the support of the smartcard services and related integration.

Support Organizations

EdU Cards are issued to staff, student and the University's campus users. Staff and dependent campus user cards are issued by the Human Resources Office, student cards are issued by the Registry and campus user cards by the Library to her patrons. OCIO is responsible for the printing, distribution and front-line support to card users.

Technology and Standard

The EdU Card is a multifunction card with a contactless chip based on the Philips MiFare standard. The contactless chip is used for accessing services within the campus and is incorporated in all 3 types of EdU Cards.


The Card enables its owner to access and use the University’s facilities, including the library, the Learning Commons, Amenities and Sports Complex, University Shuttle Bus service, and hostels (residents only), where appropriate. Students and staff need to present the card to borrow equipment, such as notebook computers and AV devices, from the OCIO IT Help Desk counter. Users can start using the Card for these functions within the University normally on the next working day (excluding weekends) for students and within 2 days for other users upon receipt of the Card.

System Architecture

The following diagram illustrates the architecture and its integration with various enterprise applications.

Staff Card

Staff Card

Student Card

Student Card

Campus User Card - Staff Dependents and Guests

Campus User Card

Campus User Card - Library Patrons

Campus User Card

You should report it to the staff responsible for the card service access. The staff will check if you have the relevant access right whether your Card is defective.

You may approach the OCIO IT Help Desk at C-LP-20 or Room G01 at the Tseung Kwan O Study Centre to check if the Card is defective. The IT Help Desk will replace the Card for free if the defect is a result of normal wear and tear. A replacement fee of HK$100 will be charged if the Card is damaged owing to unreasonable or improper use..

Students who have lost the Card should report it immediately to the Registry Information Centre in person or by phone at 2948 6177/2948 7500 and apply for a replacement Card. A replacement fee of HK$100 will be charged.
Staff who have lost the Card should report it immediately to the Human Resources Office at 2948 8448.

For students, the EdU Card expires in August of the final year of the programmes. For programmes which end in Semester 1, or other short programmes, the expiry date is one month after the respective Board of Examiners meetings.
The validity of the EdU Card for staff and his/her dependants expires from the effective date of the termination of appointment with EdUHK. The staff has to return the Card(s) to the Human Resources Office not later than the last day of duty.

Students and staff should approach the Registry Information Centre and the Human Resources Office respectively for matters related to the EdU Card, or Offices that provide the service (e.g. Library for denial of access).

Useful locations and numbers:




Registry Information Centre


2948 6177

Human Resources Office


2948 8448

IT Help Desk of OCIO


2948 6601

Mong Man Wai Library


2948 6653

Amenities and Sports Complex


2948 8844

EdU Card Enquiries


2948 7500