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** The nomination deadline will be further extended to 22 May 2020. **


The EdUHK Undergraduate Programme Nominations Scheme (The Scheme) aims to attract more young talent who aspire to develop their potential to the full and serve our school community. Our Scheme is different from the School Principal's Nominations (SPN) Scheme under JUPAS which is specially designed for schools to nominate students who have contributed to social services, or made outstanding achievements in non-academic areas such as sports, music, social services, other cultural activities, or who have demonstrated leadership abilities. Our Scheme is a deep collaboration with our school partners aimed at selecting students who are deemed suitable for becoming outstanding professional educators.

Since 2014/15, the Scheme has been expanded to accept nomination of students to our UGC-funded complementary programmes, i.e. BA/BSocSc programmes in response to some requests from our school partners that they wish to enjoy more flexibility in their nominations. Nevertheless, the key focus of the Scheme is still on the nomination of students who are suitable for joining the teaching profession.

The Scheme has been well-received since its inception in 2012/13 with over 1,000 nominations in each of the past years.

Special Features

  1. The EdUHK will contact the nominees immediately after the deadline providing them with the latest programme information, timely advice and necessary assistance during the admission process.
  2. Nominees shortlisted by the respective subject departments will be interviewed in June 2020. Students with excellent performance in the interview will be given priority of admission, if deemed appropriate.
  3. All nominees will be invited to join the "Buddy Scheme" under which one of our undergraduate students will become their buddy. He/she will contact the nominees after the HKDSE examination sharing with them his/her learning experiences at the University and providing them with some useful tips and advice throughout the admission process.
  4. The Scheme has been linked with entrance scholarship schemes associated with some school sponsoring bodies. The affiliated schools of these school sponsoring bodies will receive relevant information of the entrance scholarship schemes.
  5. The nominees will enjoy priority in attending programme promotional activities organized by our Programme Teams / Academic Departments.

Nomination Criteria

  1. The nominees through the School Principal's Nominations (SPN) Scheme under JUPAS can at the same time be nominated to this Scheme, but they must put our programmes (not including Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education) as their Band A choices in order to meet the eligibility requirement.
  2. Normally, each school can nominate up to TEN S6 students to the Scheme with a maximum of TWO choosing our non-teacher education programmes in complementary disciplines (i.e. publicly-funded BA / BSocSc programmes) and the other choosing our BEd programmes.
  3. The nominees must have:
    • demonstrated a high standard of academic performance or strong achievements in a non-academic area (such as in sports / music / visual arts), and be prepared to commit themselves to our society;
    • been rated "excellent" or "good" in ALL of the 13 attributes in the School Reference Report; and
    • put their selected programmes as their Band A choices in JUPAS.

Admission Route for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students

The University is committed to offering equal opportunity for NCS students to receive university education. We trust that language barrier (i.e. Chinese) should not be an obstacle for NCS students to gain admission to our programmes in particular those using English as the medium of instruction. With this, the University has implemented the new admission route for NCS students since 2017/18 academic year.

Who will be considered as NCS students?

NCS students must meet either one of the following specified circumstances:

  1. the applicants have learnt Chinese Language for less than 6 years while receiving primary and secondary education; or
  2. the applicants have learnt Chinese Language for 6 years or more in schools, but have been taught an adapted and simpler curriculum not normally applicable to the majority of applicants in local schools.

For NCS students who have met the above specified circumstances, the University accepts alternative qualifications in Chinese Language (only those under GCE, GCSE, IGCSE and HKDSE Applied Learning Chinese) for the purpose of meeting the minimum entrance requirements.

For programmes which require students to have possessed a good command of Chinese including BEd (Chinese Language) and BA in Language Studies (Chinese major), waiver of the HKDSE Chinese Language requirement will not be granted.

How to assess NCS students?

Each school can nominate no more than FOUR S6 NCS students to the University. NCS students will be assessed in the same manner as those being nominated under the regular route. They will be interviewed in June, if deemed necessary, and will be assessed on an individual basis, taking into consideration their academic performance, non-academic achievements, school reference reports, their chosen programmes under JUPAS, etc.

Nomination Methods

Please complete the nomination through either online submission or paper form but NOT both to avoid duplication.

Before you proceed to fill in the nomination form, make sure that the following information is available:

  1. Personal information of the nominees (i.e. Full Name in English, JUPAS Application Number, Programme Choice in Band A); and
  2. JUPAS Catalogue No. for programmes offered by EdUHK.

Nomination Forms

Online Submission Downloadable Forms
Regular Route
For NCS Students Only

Should you wish to make any amendments to a submitted nomination, please email us at

Important Dates

  1. The nomination period runs from 11 November 2019 to 22 May 2020 (extended).
  2. In general, all nominees will be interviewed in mid/late June 2020, before the release of the HKDSE examination results. Please click here to view the interview schedule. But if a nominee has not been invited to the interview in June, he/she should NOT assume that his/her JUPAS application is not being considered.
  3. However, if selected nominees do not attend the interview(s) in June which are specially arranged for them but attend the interview(s) with other applicants after the release of HKDSE examination results in July, they will no longer enjoy the privilege of admission priority given by the EdUHK Undergraduate Programme Nominations Scheme.


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