Senior Year Intake

The University admits eligible and quality holders of local Associate Degree (AD) / Higher Diploma (HD) awarded by recognized post-secondary institutions to Senior Year Places. Final-year students of these AD/HD programmes will also be considered if they obtain such qualification by August 2018. You can refer to the database which shows the AD/HD graduates who have been admitted to the Senior Year Places of our undergraduate programmes since 2012/13.

Senior Year Entry 2012 and 2013 (PDF)

Senior Year Entry 2014 (PDF)

Senior Year Entry 2015 (PDF)

Senior Year Entry 2016 (PDF)

Senior Year Entry 2017 (PDF)

Programmes with Senior Year Places

The University has reserved a number of Senior Year Places, i.e. Year-3 places for the following UGC-funded complementary programmes and self-financed programmes. The University encourages quality students holding recognized qualifications such as AD/HD or equivalent to gain direct entry to senior year with a view to minimizing duplication of learning and promoting credit accumulation and transfer. Among the factors where the University will consider admission of an applicant to Senior Year Place, equivalence of the subject discipline of the AD/HD to that of our bachelor’s degree and the academic performance of the applicant are two key factors. To maximize the learning outcomes/objectives, some admitted students may be required to take additional courses to fulfil the graduation requirements but necessary support will be given to ensure that they can cope with the additional workload during their senior year studies.

UGC-funded Programmes (Year-3)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Special Education
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Global and Environmental Studies
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Global and Hong Kong Studies
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology

Self-financed Programmes (Year-3)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Education for Sustainability
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Liberal Studies Education
Bachelor of Music in Education (Honours) (Contemporary Music and Performance Pedagogy)
Bachelor of Science Education (Honours) (Science and Web Technology)
Bachelor of Science Education (Honours) (Sports Science)
Bachelor of Social Science Education (Honours) (Greater China Studies)

Please visit for the programme information.

General Entrance Requirements

The programmes accepts applications from candidates who fulfill the entrance requirements as follows:

  • A recognised post-secondary qualification)^ such as an Associate Degree / Higher Diploma or equivalent with a good GPA; or
  • Attending final-year of a recognised Associate Degree / Higher Diploma programme or equivalent (subject to successful completion of the programme with a good GPA); AND
  • Transfer students who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor's degree or higher degree programmes at a local or non-local university; and
  • Fulfill English and/or Chinese language requirements, unless exempted by the University; and
  • Pass the admission interview and/or subject test.

^ Normally, qualification which is of Level 4 or above under Qualifications Register (QR) of Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ).

How to Apply

Applicants should apply through the direct application route to the University. For details, please visit the application webpage at Subject to their academic attainments in the local AD/HD programmes, applicants with good GPA will be automatically considered for admission to Senior Year Places. No separate application for Senior Year Places is required. To achieve the best learning outcomes, students admitted to Senior Year Places may be required to study additional courses* to meet the curriculum requirements.

*For self-financed programmes, students are required to pay tuition fees on credit basis for the additional courses.

Applicants who are not admitted to Senior Year Places will be considered under the regular entry route to Year 1 of the programmes and they may be granted block credit transfer.

Senior Year Entry and Block Credit Transfer

Applicants with eligible HKALE/IB/GCE AL and 13 years of schooling and applicants who are holding eligible AD/HD qualification with good GPA will be granted one of the following:

QualificationNote 1 Senior Year Entry and Credit Transfer Arrangements
Eligible AD/HD graduates with good CGPA Note 2 Entry to senior year (i.e. direct entry to Year 3). These students will be eligible for credit transfer up to 60 credit points (cps) and expected to complete the programmes within 2 academic years.
Eligible HKALE / IB / GCE AL students with 13 years of schooling Block credit transfer up to 9 cps
  • Electives – 2 courses (6cps)
  • General Education Breadth Courses – 1 course (3cps)
Eligible AD/HD graduates with good CGPA but failed to gain entry to senior year (Note 2) Block credit transfer up to 30 cps
  • Major-related / Core courses – up to 12 cps, depending on the relevance of the programme in which they are enrolled.
  • Electives – 4 courses (12cps)
  • General Education Breadth Courses – 2 courses (6cps)
Non-final year students of an AD/HD; or AD/HD graduates who do not meet the GPA requirement for senior year entry / block credit transfer; or Applicants possessing other post-secondary qualifications Can apply for credit transfer of individual courses on a case-by-case basis after they have completed programme registration.

Note 1: Including transfer students who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor's degree or higher degree programmes at a local or non-local university..

Note 2: Applicants who have been granted block credit transfer / senior year entry are no longer entitled to apply for credit transfer of individual courses on the basis of the above mentioned entrance qualifications (i.e. no double benefit)..