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Scholarships have been established to encourage the pursuit of academic excellence and to recognize students' academic achievement. Set up with donations from various organizations, professional bodies and civic-minded individuals, these scholarships are granted on the basis of academic merit, personal qualities and contribution to the community, amongst other factors.

Entrance Scholarships and Other Scholarships

The University offers a range of entrance scholarships to attract aspiring, committed, high-quality students with outstanding academic and non-academic achievements to join our undergraduate programmes and to encourage and support outstanding new entrants to develop their academic and non-academic talents to their full potential. These scholarships are primarily based on academic ability, personal qualities, interview performance and non-academic achievements.

Name of Scholarship Amount Each
EdUHK Entrance Scholarship for Local Students

(for government funded full-time undergraduate programmes)

Full Scholarship: HK$90,000 p.a. (renewable)

(for current year HKDSE student with the highest score who fulfil the requirements of the Tuition Scholarship)

Tuition Scholarship: HK$42,100 p.a. (renewable)

(for current year HKDSE students with entry score of 24 or above in any best 5 subjects, and at least a level 4 plus a level 5 in Chinese and English)

EdUHK Entrance Scholarship for Non-local Students

(for government funded full-time undergraduate programmes)

Full Scholarship: HK$185,000 p.a. (renewable)

Tuition Scholarship: HK$140,000 p.a. (renewable)

Half-tuition Scholarship: HK$70,000 p.a. (renewable)

Li Ka Shing Foundation Scholarship Scheme - Entrance scholarship for students with outstanding achievements in Sports, Music and Visual Arts

(for local students admitted to undergraduate programmes)

HK$50,000 p.a. (renewable)
EdUHK Sun Hung Kai Properties Scholarship

(for local students admitted to undergraduate programmes)

HK$42,100 p.a. (renewable)
Parsons Music Entrance Scholarship

(for Bachelor of Education (Music) students)

Dharma Ambassador - EdUHK Entrance Scholarship* HK$26,000
EdUHK Entrance Scholarship for Non-Chinese Speaking Local Students

(for current year HKDSE students who have obtained good results in HKDSE)

Half-tuition Scholarship: HK$21,050 p.a. (renewable)
EdUHK - Church of Christ in China Entrance Scholarship* HK$20,000
EdUHK - Yan Oi Tong & HK General Tai Shan Clansmen Association Charitable Foundation Entrance Scholarship* HK$20,000
APS Entrance Scholarship for Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Greater China Studies Students HK$20,000 (renewable)
Entrance Scholarship for Bachelor of Social Sciences (Greater China Studies) HK20,000-40,000 (renewable)
Wilfred Ng Entrance Scholarship

(for undergraduate students studying a programme under Health and Physical Education)


*for students nominated through EdUHK Undergraduate Programme Nominations Scheme

In addition to entrance scholarships, first-year undergraduate students are also eligible for other scholarships. The list of scholarships is highlighted below:

Name of Scholarship Amount Each
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships – Undergraduate Scholarship

Local student: HK$108,000 p.a. (renewable)

Mainland student: HK$176,000 p.a. (renewable)

Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers

Local student: HK$50,000 p.a. (renewable)

Non-local student: $80,000 p.a. (renewable)

(Please submit application to the EDB: www.edb.gov.hk/scholarship)

Self-financing Post-Secondary Education Fund - Outstanding Performance Scholarship

Local student: HK$40,000

Non-local student: HK80,000

Student Exchange Scholarship

(for outbound student exchange)

HK$12,000 - HK$30,000
HKSAR Government Scholarship Scheme – Talent Development Scholarship, Reaching Out Award HK$10,000
Self-financing Post-Secondary Education Fund – Talent Development Scholarship, Reaching Out Award HK$10,000
Cheung's Family Charity Fund Scholarship

(for undergraduate students with a major in Physical Education)

BOC Scholarship for Outstanding Chinese History Students HK$50,000
Centaline Charity Fund Scholarship

HK$10,000 - HK$50,000

(Please submit application to the donor: www.centacharity.com.hk)

Link University Scholarship


(Please submit application to the donor: www.linkreit.com/en/community/universityStudentScholarship)

Note: The above information is subject to change without prior notice.

For further information about financial assistance, scholarships, awards and other student services, please contact the Student Affairs Office of the University.

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