FAQs – Self-financed

  • How much does it cost to study self-financed undergraduate programme(s)?

    The tuition fee of self-financed programmes will be higher than government-funded programmes. Information about tuition fees of individual programmes is available at http://www.eduhk.hk/degree/fees_dse.htm.

  • What are the General Entrance Requirements of self-financed undergraduate programmes?

    To meet the general entrance requirements, applicants should possess one of the following qualifications:

    • HKDSE qualification with Level 3 or above in English Language and Chinese Language and Level 2 or above in Mathematics(Compulsory Part), Liberal Studies, and one elective subject in the HKDSE; or
    • A recognised post-secondary qualifications such as Associate Degree/Higher Diploma; or
    • One year of attendance in a recognised Associate Degree programme; or
    • Non-local qualifications such as a GCE AL, IB Diploma, High School Graduation Diploma or SAT; or
    • Current enrolment in a full-time or sandwich Bachelor's degree programme in recognised institutions; or
    • HKALE qualification; or
    • A mature applicant; or
    • Possession of other exceptional abilities that merit special consideration.

    In addition to the general entrance requirements, applicants must also satisfy the language requirements as well as the specific subject requirements (if any) of their chosen programmes.

    For details, please visit our website: http://www.eduhk.hk/degree/app_sf_prog.htm.

  • I am a HKDSE student, can I apply for both self-financed programmes (via direct application) and UGC-funded programme (via JUPAS system)?

    Yes, you can. Applicants with past/current HKDSE examination results are welcome to apply.

  • If I apply for more than one music related programmes, do I need to attend separate interviews/tests?

    No, applicants of both programmes will need to attend one interview/test only.

  • Is there any financial assistance scheme available for local students pursuing full-time self-financed programmes?

    According to the government's policy, financial assistance is provided through the following schemes to local students pursuring full-time locally-accredited self-financing sub-degree / degree programmes:

    • Means-tested Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP) which provides eligible students with grant to meet tuition fees and academic expenses and/or loan to meet living expenses; or
    • Non-mean-tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS) which provides loan to eligible students to cover tuition fees.

    Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency is responsible for administering the above schemes. Please visit their homepage at http://www.wfsfaa.gov.hk/sfo/en/postsecondary/index.htm for further information.

  • Am I eligible to apply for campus accommodation?

    The University does not provide on-campus accommodation for undergraduates of self-financed programmes. Regarding non-local students, on-campus accommodation will be provided in their first year of study while the students in principle will have to arrange for their own accommodation in their subsequent years of study. The University will actively support these non-local students to resolve their accommodation needs.

  • Is there any senior year entry (Year 2 / Year 3 entry) for the self-financed undergraduate programmes?

    The University has set aside some Year 2 / Year 3 places for admission to the four-year programmes. To be eligible, applicants should hold a recognized Associate Degree/Higher Diploma or higher qualification. Subject to their academic attainments, applicants with good GPA will be automatically considered for admission to Senior Year Places. Once admitted, applicants will be enrolled in Year 2 / Year 3 of the programme concerned. To achieve the best learning outcomes, students may be required to study additional courses on a self-financing basis so as to meet the curriculum requirements. If applicants are deemed not eligible for direct entry to Year 2 / Year 3, they will still be considered under the regular route to Year 1 of the chosen programme(s) and they may be granted for block credit transfer or apply for credit transfer of individual courses on a case-by-case basis after programme registration. Please see details in the section for credit transfer.

  • Where will the classes be conducted for the self-financed undergraduate programmes?

    All self-financed undergraduate programmes will be operated at the Tai Po Campus, Tseung Kwan O Study Centre, Pak Shek Kok Sports Centre and/or Kowloon Tong Satellite Study Centre as decided by the University.

  • Can the paid admission acceptance fee be refunded?

    Normally, all fees paid will not be refunded unless you are under one of the following situations:

    • If you accept an offer from a full-time UGC-funded undergraduate programme* or a programme under the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions / Sectors (SSSDP) via JUPAS in the respective admission year (*programmes offered by OUHK and HKAPA are not UGC-funded); or
    • If you fail to meet the programme entry requirements as stated in the conditional offer letter; or
    • If the programme concerned has been cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.
  • In addition to the admission acceptance fee, are there any other fees that I need to pay before the programme begins?

    All Year-1 entering students of the self-financed undergraduate programmes are required to pay the tuition fee for the first semester before registration. The first semester tuition fee is equivalent to 12 credit points (i.e. the minimum number of credit points to be taken in a semester for full-time undergraduate students). The fee once paid is non-refundable. If students decide to take more than 12 credit points in the first semester, additional tuition fee on credit basis will be charged after the completion of Add / Drop period of the first semester.

  • Can a self-financed undergraduate student be considered to transfer to UGC-funded programme after admission?

    Students of self-financed programmes will not be considered for transfer to any UGC-funded programmes during their whole period of studies at the University. If they wish to study a UGC-funded programme, they have to apply via JUPAS or Non-JUPAS route where appropriate.

  • Can I apply for credit transfer?

    Applicants, except for those admitted to senior year, with eligible HKALE/IB/GCE AL and 13 years of schooling or holding a HD/AD qualification with a GPA 3.0 or above will be granted one of the following block credit transfers:

    Block Credit Transfer of 9 cps for eligible HKALE / IB / GCE AL students with 13 years of schooling:

    • Electives – 2 courses (6cps)
    • General Education Breadth Courses – 1 course (3cps)

    Block Credit Transfer up to 30 cps for eligible AD/HD graduates with final GPA 3.0 but failing to gain entry to senior year:

    • Electives – 4 courses (12cps)
    • General Education Breadth Courses – 2 courses (6cps)
    • Major-related / Core courses – up to 12 cps, subject to the relevance of AD/HD programme to the admitted undergraduate programme, as decided by the relevant Programme Team.

    Applicants who have been granted block credit transfer/senior year entry are no longer entitled to apply for credit transfer of individual courses on the basis of the above mentioned entry qualifications (i.e. no double benefit). On the contrary, if an applicant has completed Year 1 HD/AD or holds a HD/AD qualification but failing to obtain a GPA 3.0 or possesses other post-secondary qualification can submit an application for credit transfer of individual courses upon completion of programme registration.

  • I am a Year 1 student of a full-time sub-degree programme, can I enroll in EdUHK’s undergraduate programme without quitting my studies in sub-degree level?

    According to the University’s Double Registration Policy, students who are enrolled in any full-time award-bearing programmes (lasting for one year or longer) of EdUHK are not permitted to simultaneously register for another qualification at this or another Institution except with prior approval by the Registrar before the programme commences. In case of doubt, please seek advice from the Registry.

  • Can I be a qualified teacher after graduation?

    All the self-financed undergraduate programmes offered by EdUHK are not teacher training programmes and therefore, graduates of these programmes are not eligible to become qualified teachers. They may choose to pursue a teaching career by completing an additional year of professional teacher training (e.g. to complete a PGDE programme).

  • Will the transcript of studies and the graduation certificate show the funding mode of the programmes (i.e. UGC-funded / self-financed)?

    No. Both transcript of studies and graduation certificate will not show the funding mode of the programme. Graduation certificate will only show the programme award.

  • Are the self-financed undergraduate programmes offered by EdUHK eligible for the $30,000 voucher subsidy?

    No. Under the $30,000 voucher subsidy scheme supported by the Government, programmes offered by the publicly funded tertiary institutions and their affiliated colleges, including those offered by EdUHK are not covered by this scheme.