FAQs – Non-local

  • How do I know whether I am a local student or a non-local student?

    If you need to obtain a student visa or entry permit to study in Hong Kong, then you are regarded as a non-local student (subject to the confirmation of the Hong Kong Immigration Department).

  • How can I apply for a student visa?

    Non-local students must obtain a student visa in order to study here. Our Global Affairs Office (GAO) will render assistance to non-local students in their visa application. Should you have any difficulties, please contact GAO on 2948 6389 (for Mainland, Macau and Taiwan applicants) or 2948 7654 (for International applicants).

  • What are the estimated expenses for a non-local student studying in the University per year?

    The tuition fee of government-funded programmes for the 2018/19 academic year is HK$120,000 per year. Hostel fee for 10-month accommodation is around HK$11,990 (subject to change) and other general expenses cost around HK$30,000. To sum up, the estimated expenses studying in the University per year are around HK$160,000. The estimated expenses for non-local students studying in a self-financed programme are about the same. For details, please visit http://www.eduhk.hk/degree/fees_dse.htm.

  • What are the differences between government-funded and self-financed undergraduate programmes?

    Government-funded undergraduate programmes represent academic programmes which are subsidized by the public funds. Self-financed undergraduate programmes represent those which are offered on a cost-recovery basis. That said, these programmes will not receive any government subsidy. Therefore, the fees on tuition, course-related activities, accommodation (if any), etc. would be different from that for government-funded programmes.

    Government-funded programmes:

    On-campus accommodation will be provided for all non-local students enrolled in our government-funded undergraduate programmes. Students can choose either on-campus or off-campus accommodation in their subsequent years of study. Should they wish to reside on campus, the University will assist them in meeting their accommodation needs as far as possible.

    Self-financed programmes:

    Non-local students admitting to self-financed undergraduate programmes in 2018/19 are eligible to apply for on-campus accommodation in their first year of study. Due to limited number of on-campus accommodation places, the University does not guarantee that all non-local students will be offered a place to reside on campus in their Year-1 study. In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of places available, the places will be allocated in a way that is deemed appropriate by the University. Therefore, those who fail to be allocated an accommodation place will need to arrange for their own accommodation during their whole period of studies in Hong Kong.

  • If I am a Hong Kong citizen studying overseas or currently attending high school in an international school in Hong Kong, will I be regarded as a non-local applicant?

    Hong Kong citizens who are currently studying/residing overseas or attending high school in an international school in Hong Kong are considered as local applicants.

  • Can a non-local student be allowed to stay in Hong Kong after graduation?

    Please refer to the immigration arrangements for non-local graduates as posted by the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

  • I am going to take the exam in May/June, can I apply to EdUHK without providing the final exam results for consideration?

    Students are welcome to apply to EdUHK if they have not completed their final examination at the time of application. In such cases, conditional offers will be made, and students are required to provide their final results before the commencement of the programme. Students are advised to provide any available academic/non-academic qualifications for our review during the application.

  • When and how can I submit my application for September 2018 entry?

    Application for September 2018 entry will open in early November 2017 till end of May 2018. Interested applicants may submit their applications and upload the academic documents via www.eduhk.hk/acadprog/online.

  • How many programmes I can apply for and how much I need to pay for an application?

    Each non-local applicant can submit applications for a maximum of two programme choices within an admission term by paying an application fee of HK$300. To facilitate the admission process, applicants are required to indicate their first and second preference when they apply for the programme via the online application system.

  • Should I mail my supporting documents to EdUHK?

    Please upload all supporting documents, including personal statements, school transcripts, official transcripts, academic references and other supplementary documents to your online application account at www.eduhk.hk/acadprog/online. You are not required to mail any documents to EdUHK unless requested.

  • My high school does not give the official transcripts to students. How should I submit my transcripts?

    If the school policy stated that transcripts should remain confidential, please request your school counselor to either send them by mail (10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, NT, Hong Kong), or by email (admission@eduhk.hk). Please indicate your full name and application number in the document(s) or email correspondence.

  • I would like to send an official transcript of my IB/SAT/AP/TOEFL. What is EdUHK's institution code?

    Applicants should request the College Board / IBIS / ETS to send scores to the University and upload the examinee’s copy of your result slips / reports to our Online Application System.

    EdUHK’s institution codes for the respective qualifications are as follows:

    Qualifications Institution Codes
    IB Diploma 004307
    College Board
    (SAT, AP)
    ETS (TOEFL) 5225
  • How can I check the progress of my application?

    Upon successful submission of application, you will receive an application acknowledgement by email within one day of submission. It contains your application number and choice of programme. Please retain this acknowledgement for future reference and enquiries. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend admission interview by email / phone. Applicants who have not been given admission offers by mid-July 2018 may assume that they have not been selected for admission. No individual notifications will be sent to unsuccessful or waitlisted applicants. For details, please visit http://www.eduhk.hk/acadprog/nonlocal.html.

  • Do I need to travel to Hong Kong to attend the Interview?

    Most interviews are conducted on the phone or through electronic means such as Skype.

  • How can I apply for entrance scholarships?

    Entrance scholarship will be granted to merit applicants who obtain excellent academic results and perform well in the admission interviews. In this regard, no application for scholarship is required. For those who have not been awarded entrance scholarship may consider applying for other scholarships that available after the programme commences. For details, please visit the website of our Student Affairs Office at https://www.eduhk.hk/sao/?p=213.

  • If I am going to take the 2018 JEE (全国普通高等学校统一招生考试), how can I apply for admission to your programmes?

    You are required to submit your application via the Chinese Channel of our Online Application System at www.eduhk.hk/acadprog/online. More details could be found on our Greater China Affairs Office’s website (http://www.eduhk.hk/gca/sc/course_ug_ml_application.php).

  • If I have been selected for admission, when and how will you notify me the details of programme registration?

    The University will not send letters to successful applicants about registration details. They are required to visit the registration website to find out the date on which programme registration will take place and where it will be held and the documents which you have to submit during the registration. We will notify successful applicants of this registration website by email in late July 2018.