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This course aims to help students carry out a design-oriented project to develop their competency to apply knowledge and skills regarding digital learning, literacy and technology, to realize innovations in diversified disciplines and contexts through deep integration between technological and discipline-specific knowledge. Capstone projects will be inquiry-based and design-driven, aiming to have an impact on students’ professional life through bridging theory and practice. In order to accomplish the capstone projects, students need to identify an appropriate topic in their own specialisation areas where digital literacy and technologies can be used to enhance the quality of education or training with full consideration of benefits and constraints. After then, they are required to (i) design concrete proposals, plans and materials to effectively integrate digital technologies into the teaching of the chosen topic; (ii) implement the designed plan & materials and assess the outcome(s); (iii) optimize their own design through revising and redesigning on the basis of evidence-based reflection; and (iv) reflect on and communicate the overall process of design and implementation.