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Global higher education is a broad field embracing disparate traditions and transformations that take place at systemic and institutional levels and engage a variety of theories and interpretations within research domains investigating systems, organisations, policies, structures, cultures and methods of higher learning. Having explored the breadth of these traditions and transformations in other courses, students will have a chance to investigate some problems and dilemmas in depth and independently in this inquiry-oriented course. In that regard, students will design their own projects including conceptual and methodological frameworks for data collection and analysis as well as recommendations for institutional development, academic practice, or learning designs. While the project is developed independently and provides a sufficient degree of autonomy and freedom for each student’s idea and method investigation, the students will work collaboratively and will get initial advice from their academic supervisors as well as feedback from peers while working in small groups and examining similar or related issues during the project development and implementation. Students, who are interested in research, would usually pursue investigations following their experiential knowledge in institutional management, curriculum designs, student development and counselling, or any other domain. Students, who are interested in development, would be advised to engage with specific problem-solving at a chosen institution and facilitate collaborative arrangements with practitioners at that institution. The developmental orientations may focus on policy-making, institutional transformation, learning space-making, etc. which can be of interest and/or concern to practitioners at their chosen institution.