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At the ground level, there are many significant issues in global studies in education worthy of deep exploration and critical reflection. They include explorations of the challenges educators and other practitioners face and the value of potential interventions and innovations; grounded questioning about people’s experiences and practices in ordinary contexts; and critical reviews of educational phenomena embedded within cultural or other localized contexts. While no programme can provide for the systematic exploration of all the important questions and topics arising in the field today, students have an opportunity to develop their skills to engage in independent projects in areas of personal and scholarly interest. This course aims to showcase the cumulative learning of soon-to-be-graduates with a strong understanding in thinking, research, and practice in the field of global studies in education. While guidance and continued formative support will be provided by the instructor in this course, students will conduct independent projects as the main component. Students will develop their own topics with scaffolding and peer review, and then implement projects which can be practice/practitioner-oriented, interventions, or literature-based. Alternative formats and approaches such as internship, observation, and expert interview, can also be undertaken as appropriate. Participants will work with the instructor and peers to plan and formulate the Independent Project and will be provided an opportunity to communicate their views and understandings based on their independent inquiries in a scholarly open setting.