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In the era of educational change, the performance of novice functional/subject heads for school development is critical. This programme on “Induction for novice functional/subject heads” serves to support newly appointed functional/subject heads to develop an understanding of the role and expectations for novice functional/subject heads in schools from a school-based or a more localized to an international perspective. Participants will engage in acquiring ability in planning, implementing and reporting year-plan of functional/subject group, and examining the practices of budget management and basic concepts of accounting. Novice functional/subject heads are also expected to be able to apply appropriate strategies to construct a positive culture and professional learning communities in groups, and develop their competence in team management, leadership and coordination skills, and communication skills with different stakeholders. In this programme, newly appointed functional/subject heads should also demonstrate an understanding of leading change within school, self-initiated learning, after-action review, knowledge management and action learning for professional development of a teacher leader, and have reflections on their role as a lifelong learner in changing contexts of schools.