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The internship aims to help students integrate and apply in a working environment the knowledge and skills they have gained in earlier stages of the programme. The student intern will be assigned an Internship Supervisor from the EdUHK and an Internship Mentor within the organisation, and will be overseen by the Internship Coordinator from the EdUHK. As part of an important learning experience, students will be expected to reflect on and analyse their internship experience with regard to strategies for enhancing workplace communication, the use of digital tools for language-related tasks and ethical principles in digital communication. The internship also offers students the opportunity to both enhance their own cultural literacy and serve the community in education, publishing, art, culture and other related fields. Working with the Internship Supervisor, the Internship Mentor and the Internship Coordinator, students will undertake practical experience of dealing with challenges in both public and private sector workplaces. The mentors will assist students in making decision regarding their career path.