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This course aims at introducing and examining key contemporary social phenomena and issues in France that would be of interest to students who are studying French, or who wants to learn more about culture and society in the country. The course adopts a critical approach by examining the country’s past and present, foreign relations, as well as popular revolts from the historical, political, social and cultural perspectives. The significant contribution of French scholars to cultural studies will be introduced, with the examination of the social context that gave rise to such a wide spectrum of philosophical thoughts. Through the discussions of selected topics and events using a variety of texts such as scholarly articles, literary works, lyrics, documentaries and films, the course allows students to gain a basic understanding of the making of modern France, its challenges, and French relations with the rest of the world, including China. Students will be guided to reflect critically on important current issues in the country, such as education, immigration and the role of France in world affairs. Through these reflections, students will be encouraged to develop an international perspective in general, such that they can also have a broader horizon in the reflection of related issues in Hong Kong.