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This is a Co-curricular and Service Learning (CSL) course that involves the collaborations between the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) and local mental health care providers/non-governmental organisations (NGOs). With the collaborations, students will be facilitated to gain experiences in service learning and practically apply the knowledge and mental health-related training skills to work with people who need mental health assistance and support. The roles of the mental health care providers/NGOs include demonstrating mental health-related programmes in the areas of prevention, promotion, and rehabilitation in the authentic settings; sharing the front-line mental health workers’ experiences of supporting different populations (e.g. school population and general population); providing learning opportunities for students to interact with people who recovered from mental health difficulties; and advising students to design and implement mental health-related programmes for various purposes (e.g. prevention). In order to prepare students to be better equipped with the skills of working with people who need mental health support, this CSL course also involves an international certificate course entitled “Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Standard Course” which will be taught by the qualified MHFA instructors who are recognised by the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong (MHAHK). The component of MHFA Standard Course in this CSL course will be delivered by either the teaching fellow of Department of Psychology (who are also the qualified MHFA instructors) and/ or invited MHFA instructors who are associated with the MHAHK. There are three aims for this course. Firstly, it is to teach students the theories of mental health, well-being, and self-growth for positive mental health development, enhancing their self-understanding and self-growth on mental health aspects. Secondly, it is to prepare students to know the appropriate ways of approaching and supporting people with mental health needs. Students will acquire the knowledge and core supporting skills through the MHFA Standard Course*. Thirdly, it is to provide a basic training for students to learn how to, in practical, work with people who require mental health assistance and support in the society by applying the learnt supporting skillsets. This will be achieved through on-field exposures and service sharings which are organized by the local mental health care providers/NGOs. *The Mental Health Association of Hong Kong will issue award of certificate of “Mental Health First Aider” upon the successful completion of the quiz which assesses the understanding of knowledge and skills taught in the MHFA Standard Course with a minimum score of 70% and with satisfactory attendance rate of 100% of the MHFA Standard Course.