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This course is designed for students to better understand Korea through experiential and practical activities within our local environment, Hong Kong. Today, Korean culture, ‘Hallyu’ is one of the most popular trends. People in Hong Kong consume a wide variety of Korean culture in their daily lives, including dramas, movies, music, food, and even business. The course will allow students to learn actively by selecting a topic of interest related to Korea and collecting information using various media and research pathways. Students can physically visit sites, and interact with people to experience, observe, reflect upon, and conceptualize the topic of Korea through direct experience. Students can visit the Korean community and organizations in Hong Kong to collect necessary information or materials related to Korea and Korean culture through projects. Students can also connect with native Koreans living and running businesses in Hong Kong through these organizations and conduct interviews with them. The products of their inquiry will be based on these various practical activities and materials gathered from their experiential activities out of the classroom. When they present the final outcomes, students are encouraged to choose a variety of creative and practical forms such as advertisements, short clips, or news articles. Students can also produce booklets summarizing what they have explored or open an exhibition displaying the collected resources. Students will be allowed to use either English or Korean to complete their final project. The course is made for students to cultivate and master their understanding of Korea. Thus, it is open to all students who are enthusiastic in learning about the country, its culture, history, and societal norms, regardless of their level in Korean. This class will allow students to reach out to the school community and develop creative thinking and social interaction skills. Students will also achieve a broadened global perspective and better acknowledge Korean norms as well as multiculturalism in Hong Kong.