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This course is an exploration of the values, meanings, and purposes individuals ascribe to their experiences throughout the lifespan through a series of student-designed experiential learning activities. The development of individuals over the whole lifespan is considered from psychological, philosophical, and religious/spiritual perspectives. Students work in a group to determine a theme for an experiential learning project. Many themes are possible, and the theme chosen by each group is used as an organizing framework for the project. Students then design and carry out a series of experiential learning activities through which they explore the values, meanings, and purposes which individuals acquire as they experience different stages in their ‘journey’ through life and the transitions between them. Experiential learning activities may take many forms; examples include shadowing a caregiver in a hospice, interacting with a senior citizen, making site visits to different types of cemeteries, and exploring multimedia that offer different representations of life as a journey. Critical reflection on the experiential learning is undertaken. Throughout the process, students explore and clarify their own values and beliefs about the human lifespan and develop their understanding of life as a journey.