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This interdisciplinary course aims at nurturing students’ ocean literacy through knowledge acquisition, literature appreciation and the activity development. The ocean is closely related to our daily life, providing food and regulating climate etc., as well as, supporting various leisure and cultural activities. Ocean literacy, which was defined as the understanding on the ocean’s fundamental principles and connectivity with human, has received more and more attention in recent years. The aim of the course is to enable the students to become ocean literate. On top of cognitive understandings of the ocean, students will explore the connections between the ocean and human in perspectives of literary studies. Hegel’s philosophy of mind will be briefly introduced so as to provide a philosophical linkage between the science and the art. The concept of life wide learning will be discussed, together with some pedagogical devices for promoting ocean literacy. The students should integrate and synthesis what they have learned about the ocean’s principles; and what they have analyzed and appreciated on the literatures about ocean in the course, with an ultimate aim to implement educational activities for the ocean.