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Why do Chinese eat pork but Jewish don’t? Why Asians eat insects but Americans don’t? Why do many people prefer unhealthy fast foods? This course aims to expose students to interdisciplinary perspectives on food culture in our globalised society. Drawing on literature from anthropology, sociology and nutrition, the course will ask students to examine food culture in our lives, and to critically assess personal, cultural, social and policy debates toward food choice and dinning habit. One specific objective will help students understand food culture in different perspectives and issues: including nutrition, taste and pleasure, religion and taboo, custom and cultural meaning, art and medicine, politics, food safety, fair trade and right of consumer. Moreover, students will be encouraged to explore the relationship between food culture and social change including industrialization and globalization. The course will draw extensively on students’ live experiences and help students develop the awareness of food choice in the globalised world. The course will include short and provocative lectures. Students will be required to undertake article reading, class discussions, debates, visits and group research projects.