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This course will consider how linguistics approaches its object of study, language, identifying the focus of interest of its sub-disciplines. It will further consider the basic features of language that linguistics isolates and studies, outlining the differences of approach to be found now and in its recent history. Finally, it will consider the different areas of human activity to which linguistic knowledge has been applied. Students will be expected to show an understanding of such central features of linguistic study as, for example, phonemes, morphemes, lexemes, constituents and closed class vs. open class words, but the course will leave a closer analytic engagement with linguistic examples to courses on Grammar and phonology. The main objective is to understand the scope of linguistic study and to help students grasp the theoretical perspectives employed in linguistics. Students will also be shown how to compose short essays that juxtapose and evaluate the core linguistic arguments. The course will thus provide an introduction to academic study in the human sciences in general, as well as to a particular discipline.