Chinese Cultural and Moral Education


A Fung Shun Kwan Chinese Arts Foundation Project: Life Education Rooted on Chinese Culture


About the Project:
Supported by Fung Sun Kwan Chinese Arts Foundation, it provided a chance for teachers-to-be to learn Chinese Culture and to explore the meaning of teaching.
A 5-years program consisting 125 hours of training serving 30 pre-service teachers per year.  It includes:
1) Classics study (39 hours);
2) Chinese Art learning (6 hours);
3) Life Education Exchange Study Tour (50 hours);
4) Service Practice (30 hours).

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Quality Education Programme For Kindergarten Students: "From Self-cultivation To Qijia"

The project is funded by Tin Ka Ping Foundation to celebrate the 100th birthday of Dr Tin Ka-ping, Founder of the Foundation. The purpose of this programme is to promote moral education. From the perspective of “cultivation” and “Qijia”, we will incorporate developed materials within existing teaching strategies to promote the growth of young children:
1. Produce textbooks or picture books on family values and allow parents to employ them
2. Develop application of mobile phone that will help to promote parent-child relationship;
3. Organize talks and seminars for teacher professional development.



“Chinese Classic Learning in a daily life style: Cultivating on Character and Life Education” Project

The Po Shin Kwong Ming Charity supports the implementation of the program. Teaching plans are developed by EdUHK to promote Chinese classics for primary schools and to educate university student-teachers to understand and practice classic wisdom by the following methods:

1. Train up students with workshops and studies and set up a “Guidance   
    from university student” program;
2. Adopt modern picture books with classical Chinese stories;
3. Organize lessons teaching Chinese classics in Primary Seeds Schools;
4. Organize creative and speculative activities in schools.

Roots: Chinese Culture’s Moral Qualities and Life Education

The event Roots: Chinese Culture’s Moral Qualities and Life Education was held on 8 July 2017 at InnoCentre, attracting nearly 100 educators from the region. The event was organised by the EdUHK’s Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education (CRSE) to present its projects related to the promotion of Chinese culture education... (Continue reading)