"Leadership and Teaching of Religious Schools" Seminar cum 10th Anniversary Exhibition



8 April 2017


"Leadership and Teaching of Religious Schools" Seminar cum 10th Anniversary Exhibition





Chamber 1B & Foyer A, InnoCentre, Kowloon Tong




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The Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education (hereafter “CRSE”), the Education University of Hong Kong (hereafter “EdUHK”) had fostered works in values and life education for Chinese culture since its establishment. And CRSE has undergone four projects in values and life education for Chinese culture, namely “Chinese Culture-based Life Education Project”, “Study of Chinese Classics”, “In Praise of Filial Piety” and “From Self-cultivation to the regulation of Family”. For the sake of celebrating CRSE’s 10th anniversary, “Origin: Day of Values and Life Education for Chinese Culture” will be held so as to disseminate and share the project outcomes to all participants of the event.


According to “Learning to Learn 2+” initiative and Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide (Provisional Final Draft), learning of Chinese culture and related values is regarded as an important trend in Hong Kong Education. The above four projects are capable of responding to this trend of future education development. Besides, During these projects, EdUHK students had chances of training and service learning, to design and implement teaching plans in local primary schools, such as Maze of the Analects, Flourishing Life with Filial Piety Activities in Tuen Mun, and so forth. There were also EdUHK students cooperating with picture illustrator to revise some of the well-known stories of The Twenty-Four Paragons of Filial Piety to the modern version, so as to foster students’ understanding of Chinese way of filial piety nowadays and hence to build their sense of belonging and identifying to Chinese culture.


During the event, Prof. Lee Chi Kin John, the Centre Director of CRSE, will have a speech to introduce these projects. There will be EdUHK Students sharing their experiences; students from partner schools demonstrating their learning outcomes; teachers from partner schools sharing their teaching cases and experiences. There will be also an exhibition in which project outcomes will be displayed, including teaching plans, picture books, short videos and service learning cases, so as to foster and stimulate attendants’ imagination and thought of Chinese culture’s adaption to campus.