Predicting Reading Motivation and Achievement: The Role of Family and Classroom Environments in Greater China
International Journal of Educational Research
Huang Jing, Lee Chi-Kin John, Yeung Siu-sze Susanna

This study investigated the relationships between parental reading attitudes, students’ perceptions of reading instructional practices, reading motivation and achievement in Greater China. The study used the Hong Kong, Macau, and Chinese Taipei samples of PIRLS 2016 and included 11,734 fourth grade students. The results of multiple-group multilevel SEM revealed a positive relationship between parental reading attitudes and student reading achievement in Macau and Chinese Taipei, although the link was found to be non-significant in Hong Kong. The association between students’ perceptions of reading instructional practices and reading achievement was slightly negative at the student level but non-significant at the classroom level. Both parental reading attitudes and students’ perceptions of reading instructional practices were positively related to student reading motivation.


Dr. Huang Jing

Post-doctoral Fellow of Office of the Vice President (Academic) and Provost

Prof. Lee Chi-Kin John

Vice President (Academic) and Provost, Director of CRSE, Chair Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, and UNESCO Chair in Regional Education Development and Lifelong Learning

Dr. Yeung Siu-sze Susanna

Associate Dean (Quality Assurance and Enhancement) of Faculty of Education and Human Development (FEHD), Associate Professor of Department of Psychology (PS)