The Series for Professional Development on “Leadership for Life: Moral/Life Education and School Leadership”
9 May - 14 June 2014



Target Group(s)

Principals and Teachers from Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools, and Non-Governmental Organization

Project Introduction

Facing the increasing trend of teenager cases in recenrt years, e.g. suicide, bullying and drug abuse, social concerns have been aroused and the pressing need to support and address students’ mental health and emotional development is stressed. On the other hand, the education community is obliged to promote life education to encourage young people to face questions on the ethical side of life as well as fundamental questions of Life Education, such as “Why do I live?”, “How should I live?”, and “How can I live a satisfactory life?” (Sun Hsiao-chih, 2009).

Professional experience has concluded that the way to bear-fruit and blossom in school-based Moral / Life Education requires fertility in terms of curriculum design, teaching strategies and evaluation, training and parent education support, in addition to high-quality leadership from schools. In view of this, since the 2010/11 school year, the Education Bureau had, for three consecutive years, commissioned CRSE for hosting “Programme on Planning Life Education in Primary Schools” to assist school principals and middle-level teachers in formulating plans for Moral/ Life Education. On this basis, CRSE has organized and initiated some sessions for sharing fine examples on Moral/ Life Education leadership. On top of that, the Centre further hosted six professional development seminars, thus allowing school sponsoring bodies, school leaders and management to exchange views of Moral/ Life Education as well as professional know-hows to lead co-workers in aiding students to reflect on the meaning and values of life.

The Conference on Life Education and School Leadership is designed to bring together the frontier of academic research on school leadership and implementation of Life Education, and frontline school leaders , and to illustrate the vital correlation between the successful implementation of Life Education and school leadership.

  • Benefited 1,056 participants from more than 300 schools and organizations;
  • Engaged EDB officials, non-local scholars, representatives from different sponsoring bodies and school management officials as guest speakers; and
  • Consolidated existing partnerships of CRSE with various stakeholders on students’ Life/ Values Education.