Study of Chinese Classics – Cultivation of Values and Life Education (Donated by Po Shin Kwong Ming Education Foundation)
1 May 2016 - 30 June 2019

Sponsoring Body

Po Shin Kwong Ming Education Foundation



Target group

Pre-service Teachers

Project Introduction

This project aims to prepare pre-service teachers to implement Chinese classical learning and promotes it in primary schools,  through several means:

  • Holding study and workshops, and setting up the “Guidance for pre-service teachers” programme;
  • Using modern picture books adapted from Chinese classic stories as part of the teaching materials;
  • Arranging teaching sessions on Chinese culture and classics at the Key Primary Schools; 
  • Introducing diverse teaching methods, like creative and speculative activities, for primary students to understand Chinese traditional values.
  • Outcome

  • Provided training to near 150 pre-services teachers;
  • Provided school-based supports to around 30 schools; and
  • Promoted Chinese culture and classics to 4,000 students.
  • School Services



    Participants went to schools to hold different kinds of activities.

    Primary school students attended the activity with the theme of “righteousness”. 

    Teaching sessions on Chinese classics were held in Key Primary Schools.