Life Education and Citizenship Science through Tree Protection and Conservation
2019 - 2021

Sponsoring Body

University Grants Committee



Co-operating Units

Hong Kong Geographical Association and other NGOs

Target Group

Hong Kong Citizens

Project Introduction

This project aims at developing teaching packages and materials to emphasize environmental values, climate change impacts and adaptation measures, and linkage to Life Education. All teaching packages will be vetted by a small committee comprising environmental and life education experts. Also, it provides a platform for users to upload tree assessment results and photographs. The developed APP and associated database will support research with a view to applying for a knowledge transfer (KT) award and to amplify social impact.

(Expected) Outcome

  • To enhance BEd and EdUHK students and community members’ awareness of tree protection and conservation;
  • To produce teaching modules and packages to be embedded into the BEd (Geog), GES and BEd (GS) programmes;
  • To engage EdUHK students from the BEd (Geog), GES and BEd (GS) programmes to participate in fieldwork and development of teaching materials;
  • To develop an App to propagate the citizen science of tree assessment, care and conservation with the help of IT;
  • To collect citizen inputs via the App selecting trees that deserve heritage-tree recognition, and trees that require professional attention; and
  • To engage HK citizens in promoting pro-environmental behavior in protecting and conserving trees.

Overall progress

  • 282 students and 30 school teachers from 6 pilot schools have been trained and engaged in the programmes
  • 11 workshops, 11 field trips and 2 LE lessons have been delivered
  • 7 sets of lesson plans regarding Tree Assessment and Life Education have been developed
  • 650 rounds of VTA assessment (observation of tree symptoms in the field)  have been completed by LEAs and school students