In Praise of Filial Piety: The Education Project on Integration of Chinese Stories of Filial Duty and Pictorial Book (Donated by Dr. Kwong Kai To and other donors)
1 July 2016 - 31 July 2017

Sponsoring Bodies

Dr. Kwong Kai To and his friends



Target Group

Pre-service Teachers

Project Introduction

This is a 1-year-project equipping pre-service teachers with various learning opportunities, which allow them to implement the teaching of Chinese culture and Life Education in a modern way after they become qualified teachers. Three picture books are produced based on the content of “The Twenty-four Exemplars of Filial Piety” Seminars are conducted for in-service teachers, and the concept of filial piety is delivered to parents via information technology.


  • Prepared pre-service teachers to revitalize Chinese classics and adopt them in teaching;
  • Produced three picture books adapted from “The Twenty-four Exemplars of Filial Piety”;
  • Organized training for in-service teachers; and
  • Benefited over 1000 primary school students.
  • Picture Books

    He Obeyed His Mother in Simple Clothes – Min Ziqian

    He Fanned The Pillow And Warmed the Quilt – Huang Xiang

    Filial Conduct That Impressed the Heaven and the Earth – Shun

    Training Sessions

    Trainings were organized for in-service teachers.