“Life Education Curriculum Development” 2016-18 (Sponsored by Egive For You Charity Foundation)
2016 - 2018

Sponsoring Body

Egive for You Charity Foundation



Target Group(s)

In-service and Pre-service Teachers, School Students

Project Introduction

Three interactive-Life Education teaching units: “Self”, “Others”, and “Materials” are designed for secondary students and senior primary students. The contents are down-to-earth and original, touching upon prevalent issues and key terms such as KOL (key opinion leader), and romantic relationships, and thus aiming to cultivate resilience and emotional management, interpersonal relationships, and financial intelligence among students; at the same time, to assist teachers and parents to master relevant concepts and work together to help students to face mounting social expectations and challenges.

  • Developed 42 sessions of teaching materials for Senior Primary to Senior Secondary levels;
  • Enhanced teachers’ personal and professional growth;
  • Designed simulation activities for Secondary School students, allowing them to experience financial management and deal with adversities; and
  • Organized Life Education development programmes for teachers and parents.
  • Activity Highlights

    Students engaged and enjoyed in the simulation activities. 

    Students learnt about the principles and knowledge about financial management throughout the activities.