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International Education Research Unit

The International Education Research Unit (IERU) is one strand of CLLRD. Its broad aims are to facilitate publications, offer consultancy services, conduct seminars, symposia and conferences, offer global academic exchanges, and contribute to the master’s and doctoral programmes within the Education University of Hong Kong.

Research and publications

One of IERUs objectives is to facilitate the publication of high quality and high impact research in the field of international education and development. The group has a broad research focus, as entailed by fields as broadly conceptualised, as are international education, educational development and comparative education. A key focus is educational development in poorer countries and regions, and synergies with UNESCO’s Education for All initiatives. There is also scope for research in international education under the auspices of, for example, the International Baccalaureate, or for research in comparative education.

Consultancy services and contract and other research

As part of its aim to initiate, undertake or otherwise contribute to a range of research projects, IERU offers consultancy services. The Group also undertakes contract research for organisations and institutions in the field of international education and development.

Seminars, symposiums and conferences

IERU conducts a programme of high-level seminars, international symposia and conferences and related activities in the field of international education and development. Such activities disseminate, locally, regionally and globally.

The Unit has also established a series of global academic exchanges with colleagues in similar leading institutions, inviting academics as visiting scholars to the Institute. Visiting scholars support IERU research staff by conducting joint research, sharing and disseminating research across participating institutions.

Other activities

IERU staff members contribute to the Institute’s MEd programme in International Education and to the Institute’s MA, MPhil, EdD and PhD programmes in the field.  Students from those programmes likewise contribute to the activities of IERU. The Unit also, as requested and contracted, runs workshops and study programmes for scholars, policy makers, administrators and practitioners in the field.