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The Education University of Hong Kong Elder Academy

The Education University of Hong Kong Elder Academy provides learning opportunities for the elderly across a wide a range of programmes in a mixed environment with the younger students. Course on health, lfestyle and culture are very popular with our elder learners.

With the currently ageing population and the increasing rate of social change, lifelong learning, especially in the area of elderly education, is an expanding field. Within the CLLRD, the EdUHK Elder Academy provides a centre of excellence in research and development of education for elders, with provision of high quality programmes.

The EdUHK Elder Academy aspires to become a regional leader in the field of elderly education and learning in the Asia-Pacific region.

The EdUHK EA recognizes that it has a particular and unique contribution to make in the provision of educational opportunities for the elderly in Hong Kong, particularly because of the substantive focus of CLLRD on lifelong learning, education, and teaching and learning, including that for and by senior adults.