What are they?

ASLLC workshops are open to all students of the University (except the ones with special entry requirements set by tutors) to enhance the learning of Chinese, English, Putonghua and Cantonese. The workshops are held by the teaching staff of the Centre for Language in Education (CLE), international tutors and student tutors all year round. Each workshop lasts for 1-2 hours. The schedule of workshops is posted onto the ASLLC online booking website. Please read our Booking Guidelines for further information.

Where to go?

•    Face-to-face activities are held on the weekdays of the semester in ASLLC (B3-G/F-05) or classrooms.

•    Online activities are done through “ZOOM”

Procedures for online workshops

  1. Students should access the Online Booking System of ASLLC to book a specific timeslot

  2. Students will receive a confirmation e-mail if their bookings are accepted (with ZOOM meeting details)

  3. Once having a slot booked, students should prepare and arrange all necessary conditions and materials for the online workshops and attend the workshops on ZOOM using the meeting links and passwords provided in the confirmation email (sign-in could be made via eduhk.zoom.us)

  4. On the workshop time and date, students should prepare all information needed and ensure that they can have a good internet connection (with both web camera and microphone working if they want to have an audio and/or video call) and a quiet environment for carrying out the consultation.

  5. On the workshop time and date, students should go to the meeting rooms via eduhk.zoom.us using the meeting codes and passwords provided in the confirmation emails

  6. At the end of the workshop session, students should fill in the "“Workshop Evaluation Form”"

Point to note

Permissions of students are granted automatically to our Centre for video-taking or recording their involvement in the activity if they join our Online English Workshops.

[Remarks: To learn more on how to attend a meeting in ZOOM, please visit the following website:



Workshop evaluation

Please click HERE for the “Workshop Evaluation Form”.


 A maximum of one workshop for each timeslot can be booked per day.

 Application will be closed 2 day before the commencement of the workshop.

 Drop-by students can only join the workshop when there is vacancy and they have the permission of the tutor.

 Student who is late for 15 minutes will be considered as no show or absent and will receive a warning.

 If you cannot attend a workshop you have booked, please cancel the booking at least 48 hours before the workshop. Otherwise you will receive a warning.

 If you have got 2 warnings, you will be banned from the activities of ASLLC for the rest of the semester.


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