In this course, the following themes have been carefully chosen and developed to help beginning learners of Cantonese achieve basic competence in Cantonese.

Materials have been localized to the Hong Kong Institute of Education context so scenarios can be set and seen in an authentic way.

Unit 1: Course Introduction and Useful Tools and Resources

Unit 2: Greetings

Unit 3: Introducing Oneself

Unit 4: Manners

Unit 5: Numbers and Money

Unit 6: Time and Routine

Unit 7: Getting Around

Unit 8: Shopping, Food and Drink

Unit 9: Transportation

Unit 10: Useful Education Terms

Unit 11: Emergency

Unit 12: Classroom Language

Unit 13: Invitation and Social Skills

Unit 14: Places in Hong Kong

Unit 15: Reflection

Introduction of Portfolio Learning and my vocabulary log

.Introduction to the Portfolio learning for this course and how to make use of your vocabulary log sheets to record new words that you have learnt.


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ngo5  dik1  chi4  yu5  biu2  (My Vocabulary Log)


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