TEDxEdUHK 2021: A Great Success

TEDxEdUHK 2021: A Great Success

Five speakers from all over Hong Kong came together online on Zoom for the theme of (A)symmetry at TEDxEdUHK 2021 on the afternoon of January 23, 2021.

The first speaker was Professor John Lee, Vice President (Academic) and Provost of The Education University of Hong Kong, who shared his experiences about “(A)Symmetrical Relationships in Teaching” through which he explored ways of improving the outcomes of learning by enhancing the relationships between teachers and students. Next, EdUHK alumna Lauren Lai shared that in order to maximize her personal potential, she needed to make changes in her life choices and develop good but “Powerful Habits” to live the life she wants. “Bestfriend'' Michael Khan talked about the inspiration for his advocacy work in “Re-Defining the Hong Kong Identity,” sharing the difficulties he encountered and observed as a mixed-race, ethnic minority Hongkonger. In a similar vein, Alicia Lui discussed “How Sports Divide Hong Kong”, explaining the conditions that influence women and their decision to participate in sports, as well as stressing the role of sports as an equalizer for society. Comedian Vivek Mahbubani rounded out the event with his talk “The World in the Eyes of Comedians” which examined the differences between comedians and other people in their perceptions of everyday objects.

The speeches were pre-recorded and played to the audience through Zoom due to the ongoing pandemic situation which prevented the event from occurring in-person. Nonetheless, the audience were able to reflect upon and discuss the insights shared in each speech during a riveting discussion session. The audience were further engaged with the material during an interactive quiz game corner conducted on Kahoot.

Annie Yung, an alumna of the University, immortalized each speaker’s speeches through vivid drawings that can be viewed here.

Asymmetry and symmetry can be seen in all aspects of our world. Our search for these patterns in the world helps us better understand the problems we face and what solutions we can create to those problems.

We express our sincerest appreciation to the speakers for their insightful talks and constant effort, to our audience for their enthusiastic participation, to the Organizing Team and student helpers for their solid teamwork and professionalism, and to everyone who has had a hand in making this event a big success.

Congratulations to all!

Professor John Lee’s speech

Lauren Lai’s speech

Michael Khan’s speech

Alicia Lui’s speech

Vivek Mahbubani’s speech

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