To examine issues of Governance and Citizenship within a holistic context - with focus on Asian specificity - that transcends the narrower boundary for the study of political governance (state and state-society interface) or citizenship (such as civic education, and rights and obligations) alone, and sees citizenship as an integral part of ‘good governance’ and governance as ultimately enriching citizenship.


The Centre is not limited to research activities alone, but aims to bring together scholarly research, education development, policy impact and public discourse within a three-pronged approach in defining its overall role and objectives:

1. Academic Discourse
To promote academic scholarship and discourse in the broad areas of Governance and Citizenship through research and publication activities with sustainable scholarly and intellectual impact, especially in the building up of an Asian literature and paradigm;

2. Policy Influence
Based on its scholarly work, to generate more macro policy-relevant observations and recommendations which have an impact on government thinking and policy formulation, especially in the Education and Social Policy area;

3. Practical Application
To enable the use of its research findings at the micro-level to inform school curriculum development, as well as teaching and learning activities at the community level.