Date 2014-04-11
Time 12:30 - 14:00
Tel 29486329
Venue Room D3-LP-02, Lower Podium Floor, Block D3, HKIEd Tai Po Campus


The Future of Work: Arts Education and Entrepreneurship


Professor Richard A. Engelhardt

Visiting Research Professor of Architecture,

The University of Hong Kong; and

Honorary Professor of Architecture,

Southeast University, Nanjing; and

UNESCO Chair Professor of

the Conservation and Management of Historic Towns and Urban Centers,

National College of Art, Pakistan


Dr. Pernille Askerud

Senior Research Fellow for

UNESCO Chair in TVET and Lifelong Learning, HKIEd; and

Senior Research Fellow, Nordic Institute of Asia Studies,

University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Date:    11 April 2014 (Friday)

Time:   12:30pm to 14:00pm

Venue: Room D3-LP-02, Lower Podium Floor,

           Block D3, HKIEd Tai Po Campus




The seminar will focus on:


- International projections and future scenarios for work and employment and the implications of these in terms of global socio-economic development trends, especially in terms of the potential of the creative economy and its impact on poorer regions and communities

- A discussion of the goals and content of education in view of the above and how the broader competencies of entrepreneurship and arts education may help build competencies needed to achieve these goals


As technology and new media is revolutionizing the way we work and live, the challenge for training institutions is how to best encourage creativity and innovation in the pursuit of inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth and development. In this endeavor, arts, culture, creativity, entrepreneurship, and design, have emerged as key concepts/skills needed to drive social development and sustainable change in businesses, organizations and local communities.


These life-skills must be integrated in the education system as early as possible as a competence of practical reasoning that is particularly suited to address change and cross-sectoral issues, and to cultivate innovation and trouble-shooting skills both in economic and social development.


The seminar will draw on recent UN reports related to the creative economy and the UN strategic goals for development.




From 1994-2008, Professor Richard A. Engelhardt was the UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific and has subsequently served as UNESCO World Heritage Mentor. Educator, speaker and author of many publications on cultural policy, Prof. Engelhardt has been awarded honors by numerous Asian governments, as well as with a Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Global Heritage Fund.


Dr. Pernille Askerud has worked over twenty years with up-stream, research-based project design and implementation for UNESCO and other international agencies and Governments. She has authored several handbooks for the UN and has contributed to major international reports. Working freelance in both the education and culture sectors she is deeply involved with capacity building, organizational development, and cross-sectoral project-design for pro-poor development in urban and rural areas.


All are welcome!


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** UNESCO Research Seminar Series is a HKIEd 20th Anniversary Celebratory Event, which is jointly organized by: the UNESCO Chair in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and Lifelong Learning, the UNESCO-UNEVOC Centre (HK), the UNESCO Arts-in-Education Observatory for Research in Local Cultures and Creativity in Education (RLCCE), Centre for Lifelong Learning Research and Development, and Centre for Governance and Citizenship.