Date 2014-01-23
Time 10:30 - 12:00
Tel 29486632
Venue Graduate School, Room B4-G/F-02, Ground Floor, Block B4, HKIEd Tai Po Campus


The Centre for Governance and Citizenship (CGC) of The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) is presenting to you the CGC Postgraduate Student Seminar Series on The Influence of Attitudes to Religion on Civic and Social Values: A Comparison of Hong Kong and Taiwanese Students by Mr. CHEUNG Hin Wah, on 23rd January 2013 (Thursday), 10:30 p.m. to 12:00 noon in Room B4-G/F-02, the Graduate School, HKIEd Tai Po Campus.

Here follows the abstract of Mr Cheung’s presentation:

Students are not only tomorrow’s leader but also play a significant role of young citizens in social development today. This makes their civic and moral values of concern to the society, the academic world and the government. Yet little attention has been paid to students’ attitudes to religion since these are often seen to be a matter of individual and private concern. Nevertheless religion is a pervasive influence in Asian societies—whether it is Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity or even Confucianism. Hong Kong and Taiwan are examples of societies where many of these influences have been felt. This, along with their common and cultural background and similar social and economic level but different political and historical experiences, makes these societies an appropriate focus for comparison. Both quantitative and qualitative research methods will be adopted so as to produce fruitful finding. Since both societies participated in the International Civic and Citizenship Study (ICCS 2009) (Schulz, Ainley, Fraillon & Losito, 2010), data is available from students in both societies where they have responded to a common set of questions about their attitudes to religions as well as a range of civic values. A secondary analysis of this data helps to address the key research questions to be raised by this study. Moreover, the qualitative research method will help to produce more in-depth explanation about the findings from quantitative side and provide a more strong foundation on the research finding. The generated finding will benefit on how to nurture young citizens in the two societies such as civic and religious education and helps both academic community and the world to have better understanding about Hong Kong and Taiwan societies.


CHEUNG Hin Wah is a doctoral research student at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. He has been a research assistant working for research project about citizenship education in Hong Kong. His main research interests are Hong Kong Education Policy, Religion and Education, School Management Reform in Hong Kong, and Citizenship Education.


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