Date 2013-12-17
Time 13:00 - 14:00
Tel 29486632
Venue Room B3-LP-05, Lower Podium Floor, Block B3, HKIEd Tai Po Campus


“The Ecology of the Person and his Environment”:

Presentation of the UNIV-Hong Kong project


Kam Him Study Centre

host by

Centre for Governance and Citizenship, HKIEd


17 December 2013 (Tuesday)

1pm to 2pm

Room B3-LP-05 (Lower Podium Floor, Block B3)

HKIEd Tai Po Campus


All are welcome!


The UNIV project ( aims to be a platform for discussions and proposals to re-connect the persons’ development with ecology. Local students will be recruited for the international UNIV forum 2014, on the theme "Cosmos: The Ecology of the Person and his environment" (Rome, April 12 - 21, 2014)

Representatives from the Kam Him Centre which is responsible for the UNIV local phase will explain the initiative and procedure of participation. Mr Elias Mele, PhD Candidate of the Centre for Governance and Citizenship (CGC) of HKIEd, will moderate and deliver a brief speech on Spirituality and Ecology.


The present human consumerism, inclined to material and trivial goods consumption, have determined the present ecological disaster, climate change and pollution: humanity consumes more than a planet and a half in one year. Moreover, if human attitudes are not changed is very likely to see increasing conflicts for diminishing resources.

Yet, billions of people live in poverty and desire to have luxury's life styles typical of the affluent or at least as they appear. Given the limited amount of natural resources this is simply no possible and the recipe for a disaster. The only solution to avoid growing inequalities and conflicts is more equality and changes in those lifestyles inclined to unnecessary consumption.

In doing so, philosophy, religion and education play a critical role in making people understand the importance of their actions and that consumerism and possess more than necessary do not automatically bring to happiness and self-satisfaction. A potential solution is thus a simple and parsimonious yet dignified life style, inclined more to the spiritual development of the person, his/her society and environment, rather than his/her possess.

Nature gives us enough for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed". Therefore, there is the need to re-connect individuals to virtuous behaviors that do not harm the pure essence of both the nature and humanity. At the end, after having essential needs including community’s love and healthy nature, do we need much more?!